Neighborhood Design & Planning

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Governors Town Club

Land Plus was commissioned to prepare a land plan for approximately 725 acre tract of land located within Cobb and Paulding counties. Land plan efforts including preliminary routing of proposed golf course to maximize natural site conditions and to define; residential development tracts, main circulation elements, areas for preservation of natural areas and development of parks throughout the development, and areas available for amenity, sales center, and golf clubhouse development. To enhance the beauty of the development, a central boulevard was created leading from the entrance to a vehicular roundabout feature. This landscaped boulevard offers views of the golf course with no individual residences fronting the drive. The roundabout serves as a focal point as well as neighborhood activity node, surrounded by amenity areas, play fields, and natural common areas. Throughout the community, road design and lot layout have been designed to offer numerous views of the golf course and common areas.

Detailed design responsibilities included; preparation of detailed construction and landscape design drawings for roundabout element, detailed landscape design for sales center, detailed site and landscape design for amenity area, detailed design for golf clubhouse, preparation of detailed entry feature design. In lieu of cumbersome site and landscape review endeavors, Land Plus was engaged to prepare detailed site and landscape design for builder spec and custom home lots.